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Do Not Buy Lipozene Until You Read This Shocking Discovery From Dr. Oz. Our Reporter Does A 4 Week Test & Her Results Were Shocking.

Consumer 4 Reporter created a new series they call “Diet Trends: A Look at America’s Top Diets.” We decided to examine some consumer tips that may be helpful in the current economy for those trying to lose weight as a part of this series..

s way of introduction, let me say my name is Nicole Hodges, and I am a Health and Diet columnist for Consumer Online Tips. I had been searching for quite some time for a weight loss product that would help me lose weight with few if any side effects when I first agreed to participate in this study. The last thing I wanted was a diet that required me to add unnecessary products into my body; I was searching for a natural diet product that included the highest quality and most effective fat burning ingredients. I wasn’t going to take the word of manufacturers or advertisers about the best ingredients for promoting weight loss; I chose instead to send many hours conducting my own research. When I finished I learned the most common fat burning ingredients included HCA (active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia), Grapefruit, EGCG (the active ingredient in green tea) and Apple Cider Vinegar. All the research I located said the same thing: these ingredients were effective for burning fat. Some of the reports I read from universities stated these ingredients had the necessary components to boost energy levels and enhance fat loss. Dr. Oz even stated in his video you could lose weight without any diet or excercise using Garcinia Cambogia (active ingredient in Slim Optimum)

All of the staff at Consumer Online Tips were skeptical about the success stories of those who claimed they lost weight using these ingredients. I have personally tried many popular diet products out on the market even the Lipozene diet.We knew the only logical answer to the dilemma was to conduct our own testing to satisfy our own curiosity. The biggest problem I faced was finding a single product that included all of the above ingredients so I didn’t have to buy them separately. It would cost a lot of money to purchase separate products and would mean taking more supplements in my body than I wanted to do.

I spent a good many hours researching before I found Slim Optimum, a product that had just what I wanted: all of the ingredients listed above in one product. It also included some other powerful ingredients that helped promote weight loss. I was excited to find the blend of ingredients in the product were not only safe but very powerful for enhancing weight loss.

The Active Ingredients in Slim Optimum

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Caffeine (equal to approximately a half cup of coffee)
  • Garcinia Cambogia (Potent Pure Blend)
  • Grapefruit
  • EGCG
  • Blend of Antioxidants

The next thing I needed to do was order my own bottle of the Slim Optimum, and in spite of the fact there are so many ads online for other products, the merchandiser of this product is highly praised. Even better than the product itself was the fact I could order a free trial and not need to order anything else or sign up for hidden offers. I also chose Slim Optimum because the product is highly concentrated and contains a blend of powerful ingredients that help speed up weight loss.

The only thing these claims succeeded in doing was making us more skeptical, but we still decided to find out for ourselves whether the claims were justified. All the success stories I read recommended using both the Slim Optimum and a colon cleansing product in order to achieve the most successful weight loss, so I decided to follow the same routine for my study. Apparently the combination of this product and the colon cleanser is Slim Optimum promotes weight loss and increases the user’s energy level while the colon cleaner removes all the toxins from the body and makes it easier to burn calories. The product I chose for my study was Detox Pro.

Information on the Detox Pro website states the following:

  • Assits in toxin removal
  • Removes sludge from colon walls
  • Reduces or eliminates bloating and embarrassing gas
  • Helps with metabolic system regulation

Detox Pro also came with a free trial and satisfaction guarantee that did not require me to accept any other offers.

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Put both products to the test

I had the assurance of both manufacturers I would receive the trial samples within 3-5 business days after I placed my online order.

When I received my products I found there was enough of the Slim Optimum and Detox Pro for one month. This was perfect for my needs since I made the discussion to conduct my study for 4 weeks and chart my progress. I didn’t change anything about my daily routine except taking two Slim Optimum and three Detox pro pills daily.


Nicole Hodges is a Health and Diet columnist for Consumer 4 Reporter (testing Lipozene + more). She recently agreed to be the guinea pig for a study we were conducting about Slim Optimum.Slim Optimum contains a 100 pure compounds that were shown on the Dr. Oz show. Not only does the Slim Optimum contain the Garcinia Cambogia which was featured on the Dr. Oz show it also contains a wide array of other power fat burning ingredients such as EGCG, HCA grapefruit and others that reportedly enhance the body’s ability to burn calories. For a period of 4 weeks Nicole combined Slim Optimum with a colon cleanser and has shared her own conclusions and results.

She lost a total 17 lbs in 29 days. This Dr. Oz Trick Does Work

After we saw the benefits Nicole derived from Slim Optimum, we eliminated our initial skepticism. This diet product not only enhances weight loss but also increases energy and helps improve sleep patterns to users can wake up refreshed.

Step 1:

bulletOrder a free trial of Slim Optimum
Use our exclusive link to get $4.95 shipping!

Step 2:

bulletOrder a free trial of Detox Pro
Click on our link to get $4.95 shipping!

The secret to success with Slim Optimum is combining the Slim Optimum with a colon cleanser. This is the secret to achieving results similar to Nicole’s.

Risk Free Trials expiring on

January 14, 2018The active ingredients in Slim Optimum have gained recognition from several media sources:

ABCDr. Oz Even Mentioned: The primary active component in green tea is EGCG, an extremely potent antioxidant better then Lipozene. Recent studies state those who drink a few cups of green tea every day can lower their bad cholesterol levels and promote weight loss unlike Lipozene.
    – ABC News

MSNBCAn interview between Dr. Melina Jampolis and CNN revealed antioxidants are able to protect the skin from many dangerous environmental factors. The EGCG present in green tea enhances the detoxification process in order to protect the skin from the sun harmful UV rays. Other reports indicate there are early indications it may be beneficial for rejuvenating dying skin cells. According to some current reports, laboratory testing indicates it shows promise in the rejuvenation of dying skin cells.
    – CNN

Reports from CBS indicate drinking green tea daily may be beneficial for promoting weight loss. Other reports state anyone who consumes grapefruit may be able to lose up to a pound every week. Grapelike like that included in Slim Optimum can lower insulin, a fat storage hormone. This helps enhance weight loss.
    – CBS NEWS


My Results

Week One

I was amazed to find out how well the diet was working after only one week. I had an increase in my energy level and wasn’t hungry at all—more than likely because of the appetite suppressant qualities in the Slim Optimum. I lost 4 pounds but didn’t become too optimistic since I knew it was possible it was all water weight as is common when starting a new diet. I figured I’d wait and see what happened over the next few weeks.

Week Two

During the second week I still had an abundance of energy and was sleeping better. I no longer tossed and turned during the night because my body wasn’t able to relax—I figured this was probably because of the removal of toxins from my body. I lost another 3 pounds for a total of 7 in just 2 weeks. My skepticism was beginning to take a back seat now.

Week Three

Three weeks after starting the program I no longer have any doubts. I lost another 5 LBS and am now able to fit into my old clothes. My energy is still very high, a point when most people run out of steam with diets. I have better digestion and don’t have to worry about bloating or embarrassing gas after meals.

Week Four

As the fourth week came to a close I had lost a total of 17 pounds. Everyone at Consumer 4 Reporter wished they had volunteered as test subjects. My results may not be typical, but anyone who follows the program can definitely enhance their weight loss success. Slim Optimum also helps improve the appearance of your skin because of the powerful antioxidants it contains.

The results were amazing!

I lost total of 17 pounds in just 4 simple weeks using slim Optimum unlike with Lipozene I lost really nothing!



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Conclusion Even if you feel skeptical about this program as we did at Consumer 4 Reporter, you will remove all doubts once you try it and see the amazing results. Conducting our own study made us happy to see that people just like me were experiencing high levels of success with this program. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using a product that is healthy and includes high quality ingredients with no need to accept other offers.

Good Luck


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